Hiltachk Marketing Group

“Hiltachk Marketing Group is an integral partner in building the ONT brand. The entire teams brings a high level of strategic thinking and creativity to every project. They are a results driven partner, and their enthusiasm for aviation and our brand is contagious.”

– Eren Cello, Director of Marketing & Communications, Ontario International Airport Authority
“Hiltachk Marketing Group’s strategic approach, combined with their genuine enthusiasm for our industry and brand, makes them the ideal partner. They consistently deliver creative, well thought out solutions to our marketing and business challenges.”

– Deanna Zachrisson, Airport Business Development Manager, Santa Barbara Airport
“It's truly a pleasure to collaborate with Kim and her team. Their strong understanding of our brand, our catchment area and the aviation industry, along with the high level of strategic thinking, intuitive insight and creativity brought to every challenge, makes them an invaluable partner.”

– Mark Haneke, Manager, Sacramento County Department of Airports
“The innovative strategies of HMG have been instrumental in starting and growing my business. Their outstanding competitive research, hands-on execution and focus on the bottom line has proved invaluable in finding the options and solutions to move my business from an idea to the marketplace.”

– Susan Lapsley, Founder, Tank Essential

The Difference

Hiltachk Marketing Group is a non-traditional full service advertising agency. We don’t try to fit each client into a preset in-house team. In fact, there aren’t any in-house teams. Instead, HMG assesses the unique needs of each client, then builds the team around those needs from a broad pool of industry experts based on their individual strengths and experience.

This approach means every client gets an executive level team focused on their business. No juniors. No interns. At the same time, this structure allows us a degree of flexibility and efficiency you just won’t find at traditional agencies. Clients only pay for the services they need and only when they need them.
Full Service
  • Marketing & Ad Planning
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Research
  • Creative Development
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Each client has a customized team of senior level professionals with experience in your specific category who focus on creating relevant intersections with the target audience.
  • By eliminating the majority of the overhead most agencies have and building the right team, HMG can ensure more of our clients’ budgets go into growing their bottom line.
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